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The Wizards blog... A win and a bunch of losses.

Washington Wizards logoThe Wizards will look forward to the upcoming All Star activities, in which none of them made.  Why will they look forward to the lay off?  Well simply said because it is what it is... a 5 day vacation from what this team has become.  It hasn't all been bad as of late though as they were able to pull a big win from the newly deemed giant killers of the NBA, the Pacers.  Last minute heroics by the former all star Caron Butler gave them a breath of the life they used to know.'I wasn't going to come out,' Caron Butler says after scoring the Wizards' final 15.  (Getty Images)  The effort the young man gave on the court was nothin short of breath taking, especially after missing the previous two games with the flu.  The game came down to the last five minutes of the game.  "I wasn't going to come out," Butler said. "I wasn't going to let Coach know I was tired. Every time he made eye contact with me, I tried to seem as bright as I could. Just trying to stay out there and will my way through it." He did just that as he hit the game winning shot falling down with great defense played on him by Danny Granger.  Hand in his face and all, this was the one time this season they made the impact play. On a side note, Caron Butler needed to recieve a total three IV treatments throughout the game to keep himself able to run around on the floor.  Great win from a Wizards team who could be described as dissapointed to say the least. 





 So here we are a few days away from All Star festivities in Phoenix, half way through the season and closer to the draft.  It would be hard to say Wizards faithfull have not begun to think about their future.  The Wizards present a very solid team when healthy.  Brendon Haywood and Gilbert Arenas will prove to show a compelling one-two punch when returned to action, most likely next season.  Andray Blatche who will be back this season should continue to grow and put up some impressive numbers.  Then you have Caron and Antawn Jamison who could arguably be moved for something missing.  Probably wont be shopped around by the trading deadline, but the off season could bring for some interesting conversation.  So there ya go, half way done and still not proving much the Wizards will most likely begin to look at who should be drafted and who should be dealed.

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Wizards : A blog no one will read

Washington <a href=page/WAS">Wizards logo" width="160" height="100" /> Washington Wizards

Well Wizards faithful, the long season continues on.  I am not sure how many people are beginning to jump ship or how many have just decided to stick around for what’s supposed to be known as a professional team. The season is now half way through and the Wizards have played more of their easier opponents, yet have only posted an 8-33 record.  To date they have lost 8 of their last 9 with the most recent coming at the hands of the West’s best Los Angeles Lakers.

The game at STAPLES center started out as a close one, with both team battling back and forth.  By the time halftime came around the Lakers had managed to score 72 points to the Wizards 49.  Some could argue that it’s the Wizards defense losing games for them, as they do struggle in about every part of that court.  Pick and rolls, pick and pops, isos and open threes are made fairly too easy for the opposition. I think this team just doesn't have the heart to continue to fight.  At this point in the season with the record they have, what can you tell a player to get them motivated to continue to try?  They better start to get things together if they want to avoid the leagues worst record at the end.  With a tough 3 game stretch, the Wizards will face the Blazers, Suns and Heat.  It will be interesting to see if Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler can will them to some wins before the season ends in late April.

Where do they go from here? Is it a let go and look forward to the lottery in hopes to land a big name from the college world?  Should they even bother to have Gilbert Arenas make an attempt to come back? Time will tell where this organization is headed and what plans they have for their future...

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