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Posted on: December 12, 2008 1:08 am

Crazy week for the Wizards

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The Wizards started off a very tough five game schedule after beating the Nets and obtaining their first road win.  The Wiz have definitely started to look like a professional basketball team of late.  Caron Butler playing arguably the best basketball of his career and Antawn Jamison being consistently productive have kept them in a handful of games.  They started the hard five as I will call them against the Blazers at home where the game could have gone anyway had the Wizards had that killer instinct.  This game was the second in a back to back however and percentage drops for wins on the second night.  Regardless the team looked to have played a pretty solid game.  Two nights later they face my beloved Lakers.  Now I watched every minute of this game and I honestly believe the Wizards deserved to win this game, but they did not. The Lakers had jumped ahead by some twenty points when Phil Jackson put the games determination into the hands of his bench.  Now I am no genius, but I do know that the Wizards did not quit for one minute.  They came back and they did so with heart.  The game came down to the last minutes... something to this effect.  Kobe Bryant is fouled; the Lakers are up by one with the reigning MVP going to the line to at least secure overtime for the game.  Kobe had been 13 of 13 from the stripe this night and nothing could be more perfect, Bryant receives the ball at the stripe, goes through his pre shot routine... swoosh (or swish if you prefer that).  One down one to go, but wait before Kobe went to the line his former teammate Caron Butler stepped up to him and tried to get in his head... "I was messing with him," said Butler,”I went and walked up to him and said, 'Man, give me one."  Well looks like Kobe misses his old friend and decided to do just that... his second clanked rim and the Wizards had the ball down two points.  With few on the clock; Butler received the ball took it up court and stopped at half court.  He stares into the eyes of his man while eyeing the clock... less than ten seconds he starts making a move.  Butler starts the penetration and pulls up at the three, pump fakes, Trevor Ariza goes flying... open look...draws the front iron and bounces off.  "It felt real good," said Butler, who scored 26 points. "I had no intention of driving it. I was going for the win."  Why question it?  Something has to turn the season around and I for one have no problem with Caron going for the W against the best in the west.  Although this team lost that evening, I believe they found an identity. 

The Wizards would go on to lose the next game against Chicago, only to return with a huge win against Allen Iverson and the confused Pistons.  Tonight the Wizards faced the Celtics, but after they faced them the game was over.  I don’t think there is need to go into to much depth of what happened tonight.  The Celtics are the best team in basketball and there is no reason to feel ashamed or continuously talk about losses like this one.  So we will move forward and get ready for the future.

The future holds the Wiz making a trip to Philadelphia to play the Sixers and Elton Brand.  If I am a gambling man (and I am) I would put my money on the Wizards to step in that arena and pull off the upset.  Why?  Well because they are tired of losing, they have felt some good wins this season and I am sure they will begin to learn to win again.  The emergence of Andre Blatche is a boost that they need and as long as there in no setbacks with their all-stars or young star Nick Young this team can become a threat.

The Trade

The Wizards on 12/10/08 decided they are going to get rid of a veteran guard in Antonio Daniels and are going for the future.  The Wizards received Mike James and Javaris Crittenton for the exiled Antonio Daniels.  This trade is to be looked at for more explosiveness and with all due respect to Gilbert Arenas, I think they made the right move.  Agent 0 is taking an extremely long time to make his return and at the point he does come back who is to say he will be the same player he was before he went down.  Javaris Crittenton comes in to the organization in his second year.  He was drafted by the Lakers only to be traded away last year in the big steal known as the Pau Gasol deal.  Mike James is a proven scorer coming in from the Hornets.  This definitely adds some depth for the Wizards and will give them the flexibility to try new things and maybe pick up their tempo and use their speed as an advantage. 
Be faithful Wizards fan as your team is going to improve, just have patience.  -Josh Perry (L2408)


Posted on: November 24, 2008 11:20 pm

Another Jordan Leaves The Wizards

Washington Wizards logo The Eddie Jordan Era is over


Now I for one had said something had to change, but not once did I ever think anything of this magnitude.  I think Eddie Jordan had been successful in his term with the Wizards.  Although there were consistent losses to the Cavaliers in the playoffs and no titles, E.J. was a pretty stand up guy.  My bulldog has this puzzled look on his face and I can't help but think Jordan has the same.  What does Guiness (My English Bulldog) have to do with basketball?  Well, absolutely nothing, but it concerns me to think that the same nothingness that concerns my pup; is the same thing Mr. Jordan is feeling at this very moment.

Can we say that the firing of the head coach is what will turn this franchise around this year? The answer is no, there is no way it gets better because the coach is gone.  It's not all the coaches fault; he is missing his big man Brendon Haywood and the superstar Gilbert Arenas.  In Jordan’s last three seasons with the Wizards he had a 45-26 record as long as Agent 0 was in the lineup (Along with the other starters, Caron Butler, Antwan Jamison and Stevenson).  So riddle me this Batman, how in the world is this fair?  It is ludacris (not the rapper) that the upper management doesn't see that with a healthy lineup this team is a threat in the East. 

Well folks there is no purpose in complaining or asking why now, it’s all over.  The man who coached the Wizards to 26 playoff games and received Coach of the Year consideration last year is now long gone.  Where do the Wizards go now?  They have the step in, for now at least, but in the future?  How will these guys respond to the dismissal?  Let us give a moment of silence for the bulldog puzzled man and leave you with an Eddie Jordan quote...

In regards to going 1-10,

"But again, I reiterated, we don't have losing habits. And that's a big thing for us. You respect the game. You play hard. You help your teammate. You protect your teammate. You play with confidence. You understand what the coaches are telling you, try to follow directions. We have all that. We just haven't won." - Eddie Jordan

The Wizards have three home games coming up, starting tomorrow against the Warriors.  The Warriors have not been the best team either, but the Wizards are like the Kansas City Chiefs of the NBA.  It should be very interesting to see how the leaders Butler and Jamison react and get their team ready for the game.  For the sake of the fans I hope they shape up, we all know the team is far more talented than they are showing.  Following the Warriors they have the Magic and the Hawks coming to town.  The opponents are a combined 23-17 so they definitely have their work cut out.  Butler in the midst of all has been having another all star type year and its going to take some Kobe or King like performances to get this squad over the hump. 

Josh Perry (L2408)

Posted on: November 20, 2008 12:39 am

Wizards miserable 9 games in

Washington Wizards logoThe Wizards have absolutely no Magic and I can't foresee any in the future.  Lets start with this...

"A team is built a certain way, fellas. This team is built for Gilbert Arenas to lead us. This team is built for our all star forwards to carry the wings for us, ok, and for the certain things that they do offensively for us, and for Brendan Haywood to have a career year manning the middle for us. We don't have those things. You know, you're asking people to do things that they're not capable of doing. They are not capable of carrying the load for us like a Dwayne Wade, like a Gilbert Arenas. You’ve got young guys who aren't going to make veteran plays night in, night out. They're going to be good here and there, so to be in the game is a credit to everyone in our organization right now." - Coach Eddie Jordan

Am I the only one hearing excuses here?  What happened when this same scenario went down last year Mr. Jordan?  Remember when Agent 0 went down for the same extended period of time (seems like forever now) and your team found a way to make it work.  Lets get one thing straight, Gilbert Arenas is a very good star, but I don't see the need for him being put in a sentence with Dwayne Wade.  That’s neither here nor there, what I am trying to get at is the fact that Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison had chemistry brewing last year.  They had enough significant play from the others around them and the chemistry was stronger than Dennis Rodmans and Carmen Electras (Not saying much, huh?). 

The most recent time the Wizards started off this bad was in 1999 and that team finished the season 29-53.  That’s definitely not going to get this team into the playoffs; even if the Eastern Conference is not the strongest.  Maybe when Brendon Haywood makes his return the team can get going a little more than they are now.  Is it too early to start questioning Eddie Jordans position as leader of this team?  Is this the end of the Wizards "potential dominance" in the East?  How long do we have to wait before we see Nick Young replace the very replaceable DeShawn Stevenson in the starting lineup?  If I am a Wizards fan and I am witnessing the abomination that is going on night in and night out I would be very unpleased.  Then again it’s only 9 games in and plenty can happen and change.  Maybe they make a mid season trade or this team just starts acting like they belong on the winners side.  Something needs to eventually give for Washington, well at least it better!

Stay tuned to the drama known as the Washington Wizards season.  - L2408 (J.Perry)

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