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Posted on: March 8, 2009 1:17 am

Get your popcorn ready Buffalo!!!

Welcome to Buffalo Terrel Owens and thank you for joining our Bills team that needs much help. First of all. Cowboys , Eagles and 49ers fans get over it!  When your teams were winnin with 81 in your offense, no one was saying how bad he was.  As soon as your teams start going down hill, well then the scape goat of its T.O.s fault.  The Bills haven't made the post season in a decade and they really have nothing to lose, so why the heck not?  I am a long time Bills fan and I was ready for something to happen... Little did I know the magnitude I was in for.  Look at some points I have to make and say I am wrong.


  • Trent Edwards - Everyone keeps saying "oh, poor Trent... He is gonna ruin his career because of this cancer".  You know what, if he can't manage to throw the ball to either Owens or Evans, well then the guy is not cut out to be a quarterback in the NFL.  T.O. may be this and he may be that, but one thing I do know is the guy wants to win.  Trent Edwards will be fine.
  •  I keep hearing all these people talking about how great our recieving core is and that T.O. will only take away from them.  Hello?  Do you all not know who the Bills are.  Our best reciever Lee Evans has a very hard time getting the ball because he has no one else on the team to take attention away from him.  Lets be honest, Josh Reed is a great possesion reciever, but he doesn't require Wes Welker like attention in that slot.  Roscoe Parrish is a specialty reciever and he is great at what he does, but he is not the consistant wideout to move the chains time in and out.  How does no one realize that over the last two seasons the Bills WRs have caught 15 touchdown passes.  Terrel Owens caught 25 td passes alone in those two seasons.
  • Marketing - Do we not know that the Bills are lucky to get one primetime game a season?  Its very rare they do, but with T.O. in town now I think it is safe to assume the Bills will land at least one or two primetime gigs this season.  The Bills home is a wonderful place to watch a game, but fans do become disgrunteled after season and season and season losing.  Terrel Owens will help get those seasts full for all home games and definitely will increase jersey sles most likely.

Terrel Owens has yet another chance to make up for the dumb things he has done, but one thing I know for sure is it cannot get any worse than it has been the last 10 years!

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