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The Road to 15: Follwing the Lakers Road

 It is what it is folks... Were counting down the wins hopefully all the way. 

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 Los Angeles Lakers



First Round:     Vs. 



Look for a tough first round matchup in a series that leads to not be forgotten.  The Lakers lead the season series at 2-1, but only a fool would base the regular season series in the beginning of the second season.  Anything can happen, but we all know Kobe Bryant is hungry and with Derek Fisher to help lead the way this could be the year.  Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer may have other thoughts on letting the Lakers roll through regardless of whats being spoken...


Game 1: at Lakers April 19 3:00pm est.

The Lakers pretty much dominated this game, although they let the 22 point lead slip a bit the Lakers never really gave the Jazz a close shot at pulling the game from them.  Deron Williams struggled from the field shooting, however he did have a nice amount of assists.  Kobe Bryant looked to get his team invloved early and did while Trevor Ariza and Shannon Brown stole the show. Lakers 113- Jazz 100.

Game 2: at Lakers April 21 10:30pm est.

  The Lakers take the series lead to 2-0 after a not so impressive victory.  Kobe Bryant started the night out as a facilitator dishing out 7 assists in the first half while Trevor Ariza continued to impress.  The Lakers got the lead up to 20, but that wouldn't last long as the Jazz made a fierce run in the second half.  Although Kobe turned his scoring mind on ( finished with 26 points and 8 assists), Deron Williams of the Jazz started heating up.  Williams finished with a game high 35 points and 9 assists.  My concern is if the Lakers cannot find a way to slow him down a bit;  The Jazz could easily lock this series up at 2-2 before returning to L.A.  Andrew Bynum played a little better than game 1 and made himself a little more assertive on the defensive side picking up a few nice blocks.  He will be needed more as the playoffs go on.  On a side note, Andrew Bynum has said he feels a bit of pain on the outside of the injured knee, but shouldn't be to large concern.  Lakers 119- Jaz 109

Game 3: at Jazz April 23 10:30pm est.

No one really likes to talk about losses so we'll make this one short... No pun intended being that the Lakers came up just short.  It could be something to worry about Carlos Boozer waking up, the Jazz out rebounding the Lakers, the Jazz bench played outstanding or the fact that the Lakers gave away a 13 point lead to lose.  I however am not going to worry about it as Kobe Bryant went 5 of 100 it seems like and Trevo Ariza was non existsant, Pau Gasol couldn't buy a free throw and Andrew Bynum may as well have stayed in L.A. and the Lakers still only lost by 2.  It's one that should not have happened... Move on Lakers and take game 4.

Game 4: at Jazz April 25 9:00pm est
  One left after the night Kobe Bryant came out and showed the world why he is still the best.  Kobe was making it look easy this night as the lakers took the easy victory. No need to go into depth, great perfomance both offensively and defensively.

Games 5: at Lakers April 27 TBD
Bryant's Lakers await the winner of Rockets-Trail Blazers. It's over... The Lakers defeat the Jazz in 5.  Kobe poured in a smooth 31 and the Lakers took it to the Jazz for a full 40 minutes.  Yeah a full 40 minutes, that's when Paul Millsap and Ronnie Price decided they didn't want their season to end.  The Lakers led by 21 to have the Jazz go on one hell of a run and close the gap to 5.  Deron Williams came back in the game and seemed to not carry the same momentum that the bench had brought.  Carlos Boozer missed some bunnies and blew some boards while the Lakers gave the ball to Kobe to stop the bleeding.  Overall a great win and fast start to the playoffs for the Lakers, but they better check themselves and hold some leads if they want to get that trophy this year. 

The Lakers await the winner of the Rockets and Blazers series, the Rockets lead it 3-1 with the possibility of closing out in game 5.

 It's official, were ready for Round 2.

Second Round:   Los Angeles Lakers logo   Vs.       Houston Rockets logo

It all starts on Mondayt May 4th in Los Angeles.  The Rockets high on spirits after advancing past the first round in 12 years without an injured Tracy McGrady look to move forward with their superstar Yao Ming.  It looks as if he has come to play this post season and the smart play by Ron Artest and Shane Battier have definitely been huge additions.  The Lakers will be very well rested after they have waited nearly a week for their second round opponent... Kobe Bryant always plays well against Artest and us Lakers fans can only hope that trend continues.  Andrew Bynum will have his chance to show what he is made of as he has been designated to start at C.

Game 1:  Monday May 4th @ LA

  Wake up call Lakers.... Yao Ming was unstoppable, Ron Artest was consistant and Aaron Brooks was unguardable.  The Lakers thought talent was going to win this game alone and it sure didn't happen that way.  Pau Gasol was horrendous and Andrew Bynum looked lost.  Kobe was far from good taking 30 shots to get 30 points is never a good sign.  The Rockets now control homecourt after stealing the first game in very impressive fashion, the Lakers need to make major adjustments if they want any chance of getting out of this round. Rockets 100 Lakers 92.

Game 2:  Wednesday May 6th @ LA
 Kobe Bryant came out firing on all cylinders tonight pouring 40 down on the Rockets tenacious d and shooting 16 of 27 while doing it.  That appears to be the Kobe we missed from game 1 where it took him 31 shots for 30 points.  This series just got ugly, beginning with a Deron Williams type blow from Derek Fisher to Luis Scola.  That was followed by a Kobe "elobow" to Ron Artest which led Artest to be ejected.  Pau Gasol appeare to assert himself early and take Yao Ming out of this game which is what the Lakers will need to to do to take a game or 2 in Houston.  Look for a very close officiated game 3 on Friday night,  Lakers 111 Rockets 98

Game 3:  Friday May 8th @ Houston
  Great ball movement, great defense and one superstar catching fire = Lakers 108 Rockets 94
They did everything they needed to do to achieve the win and will need plenty more to achieve the series.

Game 4:  Sunday May 10th @ Houston
 Yao Ming out, no problem right?  Wrong, Aaron Brooks goes for 34 and Derek Fisher is still having a hard time finding him.  I think the lakers played the worst game they could play in one that could have meant the series ending in 5.  Kobe bryant was a non factor and the Lakers had turnover after turnover while leaving anyone who could shoot threes wide open.  Shane Battier started on fire lighting up a quick 15 points while the Lakers couldn't find a bucket.  Major adjustment will need to be made if they dont want to drop another at home. Rockets 99 Lakers 87, that score is very misleading.

Game 5: Tuesday May 12

With the game well in hand, Kobe Bryant gets to spend plenty of time cheering on Los Angeles' reserves from the bench.

Lets keep it simple, The lakers switched roles with the Rockets from Sunday and blew Houston out the door.  This may be the most impressive win I have seen as the Lakers finally kept a lead and actually built on it.  Lakers 118 Rockets 78

Game 6: Thursday May 14

Game 7: TBD





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Kobe's Defense is back!

Thanks to the Lakersnation for the article...

When Kobe Bryant went to Las Vegas over the summer to compete in the qualifying tournament of the Americas for the USA Olympic team, he looked like he was in great shape and declared he was going to focus on his defense with this team. Unlike with the Lakers, Kobe would not have to put all of his energy into the offensive side of the ball, since he had the likes of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, and etc. to help out with the scoring. So Kobe took it upon himself to ask the coaching staff if he could guard the opposing team’s best player every single game.

Kobe’s defense had fallen off over the past few years as was seen last season when other team’s stars would put up big point totals on him (look at Michael Redd’s 45 points or Gilbert Arenas’ 60 points last season at home). This caused Kobe to rededicate himself to get his defense back to NBA All-Defensive team style. Even though Kobe had been put on these teams in years past, it was more out of respect then for his actual play.

Kobe lost almost twenty pounds over the summer and had some good practice in the Olympic qualifier to work on his defense. He looked extremely good on the defensive side of the ball while helping Team USA win the qualifying tournament, by scoring, passing, rebounding, and shutting down the opponent’s best player.

At the beginning of the Laker’s training camp, the question arose about Kobe’s defense and if the quality he showed over the summer could translate into the NBA season. At the start of the season, Kobe was not sure how much effort he would have for defense because no one knew that he would have more help on the offensive side of the ball than in seasons past. (Prior to the season, I told some of my friends that I would be more impressed with Kobe if he won the Defensive Player of the Year instead of MVP).

Once Kobe was able to get some help on the offensive side of the ball thanks to Derek Fisher, Andrew Bynum, etc., and now Pau Gasol, the defense that was shown at the Olympics in August was on display during the regular season. This defensive attitude has been contagious and others on the Lakers have stepped their defense. We all know that “defense wins championships”. Some of the problems of the Lakers in years past have been their ability to play team defense and shut down other teams and their playmakers. Kobe Bryant has had some memorable blocks this year on Tim Duncan and Yao Ming.

Kobe is also in the Top 10 in the league for steals per game. In a game in December in Denver, Allen Iverson was torching us, so Phil Jackson put Kobe and Trevor Ariza on him in the 4th quarter and they held A.I. to 2 points in that quarter, which also lead to a Laker victory. With the acquisition of Pau Gasol and the return of Andrew Bynum coming soon, this team has the offensive ability to make it out of the Western Conference. The thing that will decide how far this Laker season will go depends on how their defense comes together during playoff time.

Can Kobe Bryant keep up the intensity on both sides of the ball and make his teammates want to play good defense? I believe that Kobe will be able to motivate his teammates and keep up the defensive level that will see Kobe earn his way onto the NBA All-Defensive first team.

Could not have said it better myself... Kobe Bryant has reinvented himself to the all around player he was now that he has help offense is the least of the worries.
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Its easier to complain

You know my fellow Lakers fans we hear alot of crap when our team starts winning and we here even more when we are the best.  We here all kinds of b.s. when LeBron James and Shaquille O'neal say our sg Kobe Bryant is the best player in the game.  All people do is hate on the Lakers, but I've said it before (this one is for Norie) If they hate them let em' hate and watch the money pile up.  Money = wins(metaphor).  It is so much easier when you hate the Lakers to put fog in your eyes and let the wax build in your brain then to realize and admit.  Its easier to criticize then to compliment.  So unlike the others, when they come over with their non sense and no informed stats, let us bring our history, information and the truth to them.  Oh by the way Go Lakers!
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