Posted on: March 17, 2009 7:15 pm

The AFC East: Reborn?

 The AFC East is making a stamp of approval once again in the NFL as possibly the toughest division of football.  For the longest time it most certainly was one of the most competitve.  All of the free agency moves by these teams have cause some stir amongst the NFL.  The biggest of course for the Bills when they aquired Terrel Owens.  The Bills have also signed a solid center and released some dead weight.  They are supposedly trying to get TE Tony Schefler from the Broncos.  They definitely have a shot at making some noise.  The Patriots are hoping to have Tom Brady back at 100% and they definitely will need him after trading away "first year sensation" Matt Cassel.  They have managed to shore up their RB situation in bringing in Fred Taylor.  Many people write that off, but remember when they took in old man Corey Dillon?  Championship ring folks.   They already had a solid wide out core with Randy Moss and Wes Welker, but they have added that third piece of the puzzle by signing Joey Galloway; who had a pretty solid year in 2008.  They are currently in talks with Julius Peppers who could shore up that d line and make them harder than they are already.  The Jets got younger by Bret Favre retiring, but lost a bit in letting Laverneous Coles vanish. They still have a solid defense is coached right and their offense could put up decent numbers if the qb is protected.  Last the Dolphins, who perhaps suprised everyone last year includin Miami fans.  The wildcat probably won't work the same this year, but Ted Gin Jr. started to show some life in 08 and the running back tandum of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams can still be lethal.  A year grown the Dolphins can compete.  So is the AFC East gonna be the toughest division in football, or is it a bunch of over hyped signings and releases which will inevitably lead to the Patriots taking another division title?

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