Posted on: October 30, 2008 10:01 pm

L2408 Power Rankings PartII

  1. Tha Jello Jigglers - You may say I am biased, but come one the team has the highest points output, beat one of the best teams You Still Dont Want It With Us and not to mention dethroned the only undefeated team last week Big Bs Bad Boys.  Although the team has lost two games they have beaten arguably the other top teams and have done so in pretty impressive fashion.  Total points puts the team at number 1.
  2. Big Bs Bad Boys - Other than a tough loss last week Brandons boys have torn up the game center with points upon points recently.  A great coach and risky game plays have made this team one to mess with.  The only thing that may cause concern is the fact the another main threat YSDWIWU has yet to face this team.  Another loss would definitely switch the two teams around. Look for some smart safe moves from the coach to try to secure a win against a tough team this week. 
  3. Chrisper & Crew - Oh me oh my, this team has made a boom in the fantasy football forum winning their last three games against very good opponents.  While the point total may be a little farther back than a team or two lower in the rankings does not mean this team will not catch up.  With new aquisitions this team can only improve.  You cannot overlook wins over TJJ and YSDWIWU not to mention have had a rough opening schedule.  Things shape up nicely for Chris' team as the season is half way through.
  4. You Still Dont Want It With Us - Hit a rough spot after going on a tear since losing the first game of a season, Bryans team bounced back with a solid win last week.  No major changes made for his squad, but has definitely taken a big hit with the Tony Romo project going down.  We all know Jessica is not the only one sad to see Mr. Romo hurt.  Times will get better in 2 weeks after the bye and look for the team to survive to stay afloat a tough division. 
  5. Where Am I - Winners of three in a row including a shocker against TJJ.  Paul "where am I" Sigler definitely played the part by missing tons of the beginning of the season with family things but since returning has definitely made his presence felt.  Only up 1 point from the team right below him, but good enough to grab the number 5 spot.
  6. No Forward Laterals - I think its safe to say when Brian Westbrook plays Andrews team is simply awesome.  Winners of two in a row one coming from an off and on Hawaiin giving thanks team(just kidding NH) have gotten the team sitting in an ok position midway through the football season.  Plenty to play and plenty more points for the Eagles runningback to score for NFW.
  7. Team 1 Large Hawaiin Thanks- 4-4? Who would have thought this would happen to one of the most active coaches in the league.. Morgan has hit a bad slump losing 3 in a row.  Plaxico Burress definitely plays a part in costing some points, but there must be other reasons for a drop off in production.  The upside on the team is they are fewer points back than the two teams above.  Why are they here you ask?  Because if things continue they are in grave danger of not being so point fortunate.
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  9.  Broncos _SOS and B100d Ballers - Now records are different and points are different but both teams are close to the same.  Lets put it this way BJs team has the better of the two records but Ryans Ballers are less points back from the leader.  The one thing Ryans squad has going for him is Clinton Portis is playing MVP like football and will continue to score for him... We are still waiting to say the same about Adrian Peterson for BJs team.
  10. Hoochs Hammers- They have won 2 games and one was against a solid C&F team.. the other against a winless team.  I think things could be better here for the Hooch but at least they shouldn't get any worse. 
  11. Lions - WHAT!!!???  Yes I did, although Jacobs team has yet to win a game he has definitely been very close in more than 4 occasions.  Its only a matter of time untill you start saying what the hell did I just lose to the Lions?  Not to mention the team actually is closer point wise than the last team on our list.
  12. The Elites - Well trade here and trade there hopefully will get a few points and a few wins before the season is over.  Nothing is over until its over.  Its a point system that can get you back in a minute just never give up!

Please comment them guys, otherwise why eveb write them...

Some questions you may want to ponder and reply

  • In your opinion who has the team to win it all?
  • Who has the best chance of turning things around?
  • Whos team looks like they plunge from top to bottom?
  • Best coach?
  • Best team name?
  • Most exciting game thus far?

If you got any more please add!

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